Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Flash - Heart = Stolen

This prompt was provided by Di over at The Ocean under Stars ~

A girl walks the aisles of the library and finds a love letter hidden in a book. The boy shows up, breathless and embarrassed...

"Is that a copy of Twilight?" he asked.

I tried not to stare, but he was exactly how I'd imagined him. Every last detail. The blue of his eyes, with flecks of green and gold. The shaggy blond hair. How was this possible? And why was he staring? Oh...he was asking me a

"Yes. Did you want a copy? Because there are like twenty others..."

He pointed at the one in my hand. "I need that one."

I tucked it under my arm. "Why?"

"Can I just see it?" he asked.

It took all my willpower not to hand it over. His voice lulled me to obey, like those creepy siren chicks from that book I was forced to read in English last year. Only he probably didn't want to kill me...yet. Of course, when he found out I'd read the letter that might change.


Oh, it was no use. I handed it over.

"Bye," I said before rushing down the aisle.

"Wait!" He called out.

Run. Just run.

Instead, I turned to face him...

He held out another copy of the book. "Don't forget this."

"I just remembered I've read it...twice." 

The boy stared at me like perhaps I'd come from another planet and the mothership had just appeared behind me. Was Twilight really that disturbing to the opposite sex?


I crossed my arms. "Is this a problem for you?"

He shook his head. " was your favorite part?"

Was this guy for real? I wanted to leave before the guilt ate away at me and I confessed to peeking at his secret thoughts...and he wanted to grill me on Twilight?

"Um...I don't have a favorite part, but I do have a favorite coffee shop calling my name, so I'd better get going," I said, backing away from the beautiful, eloquent boy.

"Can I buy you a cup of coffee?" he asked, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth.

Was he flirting? My lungs deflated. How could he flirt with me when he had such strong feelings for this other girl? It was sick. The moment I'd hoped for was tainted by the very thing that made me long for this boy.

"I'm sorry. I'm actually in a hurry."

"Can I at least walk you there?"

That. Was. It.

I snatched the book from his hand and pulled out the letter. "What would she think of this? Huh? You pledged your eternal love for this girl and I come along and ~poof~ she never existed?"

His cheeks flamed red. "You read it?"

"Yes. And it's sick that you'd flirt with me, when you love this girl so much! I'm disgusted," I said, tossing the letter at him.

"I wrote that letter to you."

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