Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year Resolutions

1. Read. I need to spend time reading every night. I've let this somehow I lost enjoyment. It's quite sad. I want to fall in love with books again.

2. Write. But only when I feel it tugging on my heart. This is my first love so I fear I'm sucking the fun out of it by putting pressure on myself.

3. Budget my money. My muse flees when she senses stress. And I have gotten accustomed to just flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to money. We always pull through, but at what cost? At the cost of my muse :c

4. Blog. I let that a lot. No more. I shall stick to a blog schedule when possible, but I won't let more than a week go by. It really helps to get support from the blogging community. So, so much. *hugs followers*

5. Lose weight...J/K...I had to throw that one in there, just because :)

Do you have any New Year's resolutions? Any takers on the bet that I will let all of these go by next week. *snickers* No...I'm really going to try. Pinky promise <3

Oh! And Happy New Year!!!

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